Friday, April 13, 2012

Please Pray

For those of you who follow my blog, I am asking for your prayers.  My father in law Peter will be having surgery this coming Tuesday 4/17 to remove 25% of his lung.  Back in November the doctors were going to operate then & it would have been only 10% that needed to be removed.  Whatever they saw has almost tripled in size since November.  They are not saying what it is, but it doesn't look too good.  Ed is very concerned and will be flying down to Florida on Monday to be with his parents.  His dad is going to be 85 in June & has many medical issues. 

Please pray for traveling mercies for Ed, peace & comfort for his mom & dad and most of all that the doctors can take out whatever they find on Tuesday and for a quick and uneventful healing.  Also keep the kids & I in your prayers as Ed will be away all week....I think it's going to be a long week.......

I am also asking for prayers for myself.  I need to go back for another mamogram on Monday.  In my most recent one they saw something of a concern with the tissue.  Just need to go back to re-check.  I know my God is in control & I know HE IS ABLE!!!

Thank you in advance for your faithful prayers for my family.  I will update soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Peek a boo I see you....

Looking so pretty

Brianna taught her to do the serious face!

Looking so pretty in my Easter dress from grandma.

My first Easter Basket...

We celebrated Shiloh's first Easter with us on Sunday! Even though she is still too young to understand, we had fun watching her open her Easter basket filled with goodies. I also enjoyed dressing her!

The day went by so fast. My parents came to church with us, then over for dinner along with my brother & his family. It was a nice quiet day and everyone left by 6pm! Now we are eating the leftovers! They are always the best!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back to School!

Congratulations to my husband on getting accepted to college. He will be continuing his education to receive his masters degree. Most of the work will be done online and 2 weeks being in Indiana at IWU. We have prayed about this & know that God has answered our prayers! He should be done in about 2 years. He has a lot of studying & reading ahead of him. Please keep us in your prayers as this will be another adjustment to our family life. He usually helps me out a lot with Shiloh, now he won't be able to do much of that. He will have to do most of his reading and studying at the church since it is much quieter there :).

Now I have 2 in college, 1 in HS and 1 in middle school!!! Maybe one day I will go back....I don't think!! I am happy being a "Domestic Goddess"!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

7 months today!

Today is 7 months that Shiloh has been with us! Our lives have changed drastically, but we are and have adjusted well. I am so proud of Peter, Brianna & Matthew for how loving & caring they are to Shiloh. They treat her like she is their sister! When we first heard about Shiloh needing a home we were a little hesitant at first. Ed & I prayed and then talked with the kid. The only one who hesitated a little was Matthew because he said now he wouldn't be the baby! I assured him he will always be my baby boy :-)!

Shiloh has brought so much joy into our home. She is such a good baby with an awesome personality. We are so thankful that God sent her to us & pray that one day she can become a "TORRES"! We will continue to pray God's will for that! As for now, as long as she is with us we are her family and are going to love & take care of her until God releases us (if he does)! I pray that never happens!

We love our little "Princess Shiloh" and are so thankful to God for sending her to us!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Lazy Saturday

I have felt so lazy all day. For starters, let me start off by telling you that Ed takes "Daddy" duty for Shiloh on Saturday mornings so I can sleep in a little! Since Bri is away at a youth retreat this weekend, Matt asked Dad if he can take him to Cracker Barrel today for breakfast. By Ed doing this, that means I don't get to sleep in!! So I decided to get up & go along with them. This was Shiloh's first visit to Cracker Barrel and she loved those pancakes :) and so did I. I ate too much that when I came home all I wanted to do was sleep. Well, that is impossible when you have a 1 year old running around. So Matt & I decided to bake some cookies and Ed made pizza for dinner. YUMMY! My honey is such a good cook :).

It was so dreary out & rainy today, maybe that's why I felt so lazy all day...and eating those pancakes didn't help. Hopefully I can work them off before my next weight watcher meeting next week :)!

It is so weird & quiet not having everyone home. Peter away at college, Bri away at a retreat, makes a home too quiet for me! I don't like it!!!

Enjoy your Palm Sunday Everyone!! Be blessed!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

She did it!

My Bri-Bri passed her driving test! I had no doubt she would, but her daddy was a little skeptical. She did fail one part of the test....parking up & down a hill :(. Tonight was her first night driving by herself. She said it was great because no one was telling her what to! and yes, she text me when she got there, and text me when she was leaving. For those of you who have visited us, she went down to the church, which is a mile away...haha! It's a start!

To celebrate her getting her liscense we went to Longhorn Steakhouse! We have been trying to go there almost every Saturday night, but by the time we get there, there is always an hour wait so we leave & head out somewhere else to eat. I am guessing our new night out will be on Monday nights. No one goes out to dinner on Monday nights :)!

Well off to bed....good night all!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The day of "LASTS"

Today was our last study on "Soul Shift"! We have been reading the book as a church, then meeting with small groups as we go thru the book for 8 weeks! I met with some ladies on Sunday evenings to do our Bible study together. Tonight was the last night. We met every Sunday night for 2 hours then had dinner together. What a nice time of fellowship! In those 8 weeks we have gotten closer & learned more about each other that we didn't know. In those 8 weeks we hopefully gotten closer to the Lord also! If you have not read the book yet, I encourage you to do so. It is not a big book & is easy to read! We shifted from "Me to You", Slave to Child, Seen to Unseen, Consumer to Steward, Talk to Listen, Sheep to Shepherd, & Me to We!!!! As you can see we did alot of shifting in those 8 weeks. Most importantly we got closer to knowing & serving the Lord!

Today was also the last day for our church to host the homeless families. We do this 2-3 times a year. It is specifically for women & children only. This time we had 2 moms & 6 children. Normally we sleep 1 night at the church for security as a family, but since we have Shiloh this year, we opted out and cooked a meal on Wednesday night for them instead. OK....we cheated alittle, they wanted PIZZA! So we bought them pizza & had salad with it. It was a great week for everyone. Not only were they blessed, but the volunteers who helped out all week were also blessed.

Today is also the last day my Brianna will go from passenger to driver (hopefully)! She will be taking her driving test tomorrow at 2pm! So if you remember, please say a prayer for her that she passes. And a prayer for me & Ed too :)! She hesitated for so long on learning how to drive. She kept saying she didn't want to grow up....neither do I I told her :). So, stay tuned I will post tomorrow if she passed or not. I am sure she will :)

Blessings till next time.....